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Our passengers data base now surpasses 160,000 names!


Our database currently contains 161,415 passenger names from 8,719 ships.

You can easily consult this free resource by clicking on the top headline (please note that, due to technical reasons, this database cannot be searched by using the Google search engine).


For the latest overall status of our project please click here.


24 Feb 2015 - We just completed transcribing the following:

  • 1861-01 - 979 passengers / 17 ships

This important resource was brought to our attention by Jorge A. Iznaga. Thanks Jorge! (click on the above headline for access).

Puerto Plata became the "Miami" of Cuban exiles during the Ten Years War (1868-1878). Many Cuban families, particularly from Puerto Principe (Camaguey), went to Puerto Plata during the war. (link courtesy of Alberto Martinez-Ramos, member of the CGC.)

11 Dec 2014 - The Municipal Archivist of the City of Gijon (Asturias - Spain) has notified us that, starting today, the entire copy of document 19/1858, which contains list of passengers who sailed from the port of Gijon with destination to Habana and Puerto Rico between 1858 and 1871, is available in the section corresponding to the Municipal Archive (Archivo Municipal). You can consult this document by using the link on the headline of this news item.

Many thanks to the Municipal Archivist.


Here are some links that have come to our attention that may be of interest:


20 Aug 2013 - The National Archives of Cuba and 8 (of 14) Provincial Archives now have their own web sites. Most have lists of their holdings but very little, if any, of the data is digitized or available on the web (you need to get someone in Cuba to visit the Archive in person). Here are some of the relevant links:


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What's Important

Our project to transcribe the 69,770 names of the veterans of the Cuban War of Independence (1895-1898) was completed in 2003. This project, honoring the memory of those who fought to liberate Cuba from the colonial yoke of Spain, was made possible by the effort of 34 volunteers, working for nearly 3 years and provides a unique resource for those researching their Cuban Genealogy (please note that this database canot be searched using the Google search engine).

We have also completed the transcriptions of the death notices of the soldiers that died during that war. These transcriptions provide a unique insight into the personal story of many who fought and died in the war.

The original Roloff book has now been digitaized by the University of Florida Digital Collections and is available here.


The Department of Culture of the Basque Government of Spain has established a Document Center of Euskadi (the Basque nation) called IRARGI which is dedicated to the creation of a historic archive of Euskadi.

The principal components of their digitized archives are:

  • BADATOR - an index to the various archives and documents. This includes nearly 40,000 entries representing 5 million information folios compiled from Municipal Archives, private family archives and Catholic Church archives.
  • Sacramental Archives of the Historic Diocesan Archives of Bilbao, San Sebastian & Vitoria (containing an index - still in process- to over 5 million baptism, marriage and death documents)
  • Index to the 49 volumes of documents compiled by the great genealogist D. Luis de Salazar & Castro (1658-1734)

Click on the headline above to reach this resource.

We have generated a list of links to digitized books of interest to Cuban Genealogy. These books are available on-line for free download. Please continue letting us know of any others that you discover so we can all mutually benefit from these resources.

With permission of the publisher, a Cumulative Index and all 57 issues of the Revista of the Cuban Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City have been digitized and are available here for download. Click on the above headline to reach this resource.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has made available a new version of their Internet search service, Family Search. In this new version, still in the pilot stage, you can not only do the same searches as in the traditional version but, in addition, you can see an image of the original document by clicking on the small image that appears at the upper right. Eventually this service will completely replace the need for consulting microfilms.

We are transcribing passenger names arriving to, and departing from, Habana into a data base. These records can be searched by first and/or second surname, by first name(s), or by ship code. A related ship's database can be searched by ship code, ship name, port of origin, port of destination, or date. Click on the above headline to reach these resources.

Many documents from various Spain Archives have been (and are still being) digitized and placed on the web. The web site interface has recently been updated and is now much easier to use and you no longer have to register. You can search all the archives by any desired text (including personal names), and limit your search to a certain date range. You will then get a listing of all the archives having documents that match your seach criteria. Clicking on the name of an archive will bring up a list of the relevant documents in that archive, Many of these documents will show a small camera icon. Clicking on a camera icon will bring up small images of all the pages of the original document. You can then click on each page, zoom to read it, print it and/or save it to your computer for further study. Visit


The following old Cuban Telephone Directories have been digitized and are available on-line:

Current telephone listings for Cuba are available via the following links:


WWW CubaGenWeb


(NOTE that this search box does not search our passenger or Mambi soldiers databases, which are beyond the reach of Google. To search these databases you must use the search forms provided for the database)



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